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Passionate traveler, photographer and technology lover

Born in Johannesburg to a South African butcher and housewife, I spent the first few years of my childhood living in the mountains on my Grandfather’s farm.

At age 10, I moved to London, England – a huge culture shock for a farm boy who had never been to a big city before. Moving to London changed my view of the world and sparked my love for travel and photography with weekend getaways to nearby European cities. Since, I have lived in numerous places around the world and visited even more, I have experienced many different cultures and I hope to experience more as I live out my passion to explore and photograph the world.

I am currently based in Hong Kong, living out my other passion as a technology lover. Creating and developing products that solve real world problems with the aim of improving the lives of those around us.


On our first night we went to the mountaintop in Al Ula known as King Abdulaziz National Park. From the top you get a breathtaking view of the town. The Sunset isn’t as striking because the view looks out into the East but nonetheless, a great spot .


I was fortunate enough to get an invite to Saudi Arabia for a week to experience the local culture and beauties the country has to offer. I started off in Riyadh for a day…